Villa Lara

Santa Eulalia Ibiza

€ 6.400.000









Unique architecture, natural simplicity and meticulous attention to detail are the sum parts of a lovely luxury villa located in central Ibiza. The property is constructed of local natural materials to readily assimilate with its surroundings. Rustic and functional. The stone flooring provides welcoming and cool comfort in the hot and dry climate and the ’décor is aligned with the island’s laid-back aura. Friends visiting can stay over in the lovely guesthouse, which is a private and independent annex with a double bedroom en suite.

The two double bedrooms en suite are attractively styled with wood and rustic beige finishes and the breezy living room (which has a fireplace) opens onto a terrace with an outdoor chill-out space shaded under a pergola. It’s a delightful spot for fresco meals. In and around the landscaped wild garden it is possible to relax in solitary repose, read a good book and enjoy a siesta snooze.

The villa effortlessly and harmoniously engages with its environment and offers the luxury of privacy, space and peacefulness in this“last Mediterranean paradise”. This is a ideal holiday home that kids will enjoy and where the adults can enjoy unobtrusive relaxation.

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