Our Team

Eivissa Properties, founded by Annemieke Cohrs, is a trusted name in the Ibiza real estate market. With a passion for authenticity, love, honesty, and sincerity, Eivissa Properties aims to create a transparent and honest market that benefits everyone involved. By prioritizing genuine relationships and understanding clients’ needs, they work tirelessly to find the perfect property for each individual.


In order to provide our clients with the best options, we work closely with real estate agents across the entire island. This strong network ensures that we stay informed about every available property, giving our clients access to a wide selection of options.

Annapaola Infante

Annapaola, a seasoned resident of Ibiza with a deep-rooted connection to the island, she possesses an exceptional understanding of all things Ibiza. With a wealth of experience in the realm of hospitality and entertainment, Annapaola is your go-to guide for seamlessly executing your activities and creating unforgettable moments. Whether you require assistance in organizing private events, vibrant parties, or leisurely days, she is well-equipped to curate an experience tailored to your needs.

Annapaola’s expertise extends to coordinating various services such as catering, private chef arrangements, transportation, and event planning, ensuring that no detail is overlooked. In your magnificent villa, she can transform your day with rejuvenating activities like yoga sessions, personalized rituals, and fitness sessions led by professional trainers.

Entrust Annapaola with the care of your children, as she collaborates with the finest childcare experts on the island to ensure that they have an enchanting and memorable experience. With Annapaola by your side, every moment in Ibiza is bound to be extraordinary and unforgettable.

Linda di Somma

Linda, a culinary virtuoso who infuses her dishes with a deep-rooted passion for highlighting the natural flavors of ingredients. With a belief in the power of simplicity and a keen eye for selecting the finest local produce, Linda crafts culinary masterpieces that exude a harmonious balance of taste and quality.

Her journey began at the prestigious “Armando Perotti” cooking institute in South Italy, where she honed her skills before delving into the realm of nutrition through studies at the University of Bologna. Through culinary expeditions in Spain, Australia, and the opening of her own restaurant in Ibiza, Linda’s expertise flourished. Transitioning to the role of a private chef enabled her to cater to the palates of international luminaries, culminating in a pivotal experience at the esteemed “Le Montgomerie” in Courchevel 1850, France.

Complementing her culinary finesse, Linda pursued a master’s degree in “Nutrition and Dietetics” to further enhance her ability to create gastronomic delights that not only satisfy the senses but also nourish the body. Engage in a culinary experience like no other with Linda, where Italian flair meets nutritional expertise to deliver a feast for both the taste buds and well-being.

Lin He

Lin, a gifted Deep Connection Masseuse whose innate sensitivity, compassion, and intuition form the foundation of her transformative touch. Trained in Californian Massage in The Netherlands and Spain, as well as Chi Nei Tsang in the landscapes of Thailand, Lin’s journey transcends mere technique to explore the profound spiritual and holistic communion between body and soul. With a deep empathy that allows her to connect on a profound level, Lin navigates each individual’s unique landscape, addressing not only the physical but also tuning into their emotional and energetic needs.

Through the language of touch, Lin creates a safe and nurturing space where healing, self-awareness, and holistic well-being can flourish. Stay tuned as Lin shares more about the magic of massage and the stories of healing and connection that unfold in her sanctuary of sensitivity and intuition. Welcome to a world of deep healing and soulful connection with Lin.

Jessica Noe

Jessica, a dedicated personal trainer with a passion for helping clients move better to live better. Drawing from her background as an elite rhythmic gymnast in Spain and her expertise in personal training since relocating to London, Jessica combines the strength, power, and athleticism of gymnastics with a profound understanding of body movement, form, and flexibility.

Jessica’s training approach is versatile, catering to individuals seeking relief from everyday stresses, elite athletes aiming to enhance strength and power, and everyone in between. Her positive and engaging demeanor fosters a supportive environment where clients of all ages and fitness levels can thrive. Jessica’s contagious energy, along with her clear and enjoyable delivery of specialized knowledge, makes each session a transformative experience.

With a focus on setting and achieving goals, Jessica’s greatest satisfaction comes from witnessing her clients succeed beyond their expectations. Whether it’s through tailored workout plans, high-energy Muay Thai training, or dancing to her favorite beats, Jessica’s eternal optimism and unwavering dedication inspire clients to reach new heights, both in-person and online. Get ready to be motivated, inspired, and achieve greatness with Jessica by your side!

Lidia de Castro

Lidia, a creative force in beauty and style. She is a seasoned hairdresser and beautician with over a decade of experience in the ever-evolving beauty industry. Currently residing and working on the vibrant island of Ibiza, Lidia infuses her work with a blend of cosmetics and the latest beauty trends, offering a unique and sophisticated perspective shaped by the diverse styles and influences of the island.

Throughout her career, Lidia has collaborated with a diverse range of clients and projects, showcasing her talent and expertise. Notable highlights include her work as a make-up artist and stylist on the Netflix series “White Lines,” as well as collaborations with production companies such as IbizaFilmService for various music videos and the Consell de Ibiza.

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creativity, Lidia is currently focused on building her own style agency in Ibiza, where she aims to provide clients with an exclusive and personalized beauty experience. Stay tuned as Lidia continues to push boundaries and redefine beauty standards with her artistic vision and unparalleled skill set.

Daphne Netten

Daphne, a talented content creator who decided to venture out on her own earlier this year after choosing to settle on the beautiful island of Ibiza. With a strong background in marketing agencies, she excels in both offline and online marketing.

Daphne is truly devoted to enhancing brands, constantly considering what companies want and need. Her meticulous attention to detail ensures that nothing escapes her, as she continuously strives for perfection. She never settles for anything less than the best and refuses to accept no as an answer.

In addition to her marketing work, Daphne also has another passion her business “The Perfect Dip,” where she creates and sells delectable chocolate-dipped strawberries. She is a creative at heart, full of enthusiasm, and always endeavors to achieve excellence in all what she does.

Louise Edlund

Louise, driven by a thirst for knowledge, became a scientist and started her own successful physiotherapy business at 21. However, an existential breakdown redirected her towards her true calling. Guided by spirit, she had transformative experiences and embarked on a five-year journey across the globe, exploring ancient wisdom and healing practices.

In 2022, she was initiated into an ancient mystery school by a Celtic druid. Today, Louise serves as a celestial advisor to esteemed individuals in Hollywood, pop culture, music, and business, helping them create positive change on a global scale. Her journey is a testament to rediscovering one’s authentic self and embracing celestial gifts.

Alessandro Garcia Perri

Alessandro, a young entrepreneur hailing from the picturesque island of Mallorca in the Balearic Islands. With a deep-rooted connection to this paradise isle, Alessandro’s intimate knowledge of every nook and cranny stems from a lifetime spent on its sun-kissed shores. A passion for exploration and languages ignited Alessandro’s wanderlust at a tender age, propelling him into a world of travel that kindled a keen interest in real estate. Venturing forth at 17, his journeys nurtured a skill set and savvy that cast a profound understanding of the real estate landscape.

Mallorca is his focus primed on luxury real estate, specializing in unique properties beyond the norm while delivering bespoke, top-tier service to his discerning clientele. With a mission rooted in excellence and professionalism, Alessandro offers a spectrum of services spanning property sales, vacation rentals, and personalized concierge services. Committed to crafting unparalleled experiences, he strives to fulfill his clients’ real estate aspirations on the idyllic canvas of Mallorca—a place he lovingly calls home.

Annemieke Cohrs

Annemieke, studied the Hotel Management School in Maastricht, she has a strong passion for creating her own boutique bed & breakfast. With years of experience as a personal assistant and event specialist in the private banking industry, she has developed her skills in taking care of people.

Her genuine love for hospitality shines through in every aspect of her work, going above and beyond to ensure guests feel welcomed and cared for. Annemieke also has a keen eye for interior design, creating the perfect ambiance for her customers and guests. Her journey to natural and conscious living is reflected in the ethics of Eivissa Properties.

LinkedIn: Annemieke Cohrs