Our Team

Eivissa Properties, founded by Annemieke Cohrs, is a trusted name in the Ibiza real estate market. With a passion for authenticity, love, honesty, and sincerity, Eivissa Properties aims to create a transparent and honest market that benefits everyone involved. By prioritizing genuine relationships and understanding clients’ needs, they work tirelessly to find the perfect property for each individual.


In order to provide our clients with the best options, we work closely with real estate agents across the entire island. This strong network ensures that we stay informed about every available property, giving our clients access to a wide selection of options.

Annemieke Cohrs

Annemieke, studied the Hotel Management School in Maastricht, she has a strong passion for creating her own boutique bed & breakfast. With years of experience as a personal assistant and event specialist in the private banking industry, she has developed her skills in taking care of people.

Her genuine love for hospitality shines through in every aspect of her work, going above and beyond to ensure guests feel welcomed and cared for. Annemieke also has a keen eye for interior design, creating the perfect ambiance for her customers and guests. Her journey to natural and conscious living is reflected in the ethics of Eivissa Properties.

LinkedIn: Annemieke Cohrs

Jop Franken

Jop, a born-and-bred salesman, has long called Ibiza his home. Immersed in the local culture and armed with deep knowledge of the area, he provides a unique insight into the real estate market on this picturesque and vibrant island. Jop’s passion for real estate is evident in how he guides his clients to find their dream home, perfectly tailored to their preferences. He is committed to delivering exceptional top-notch service and ensuring client satisfaction. With a degree in Commercial Management and NIMA Sales certification, Jop has built a solid foundation of expertise. He is respected for his integrity, professionalism, and dedication to his clients’ needs.

Whether clients seek a countryside retreat, beachfront villa, or urban apartment, Jop is dedicated to helping them find their perfect home on Ibiza. His extensive local knowledge, genuine passion for real estate, and unwavering pursuit of client satisfaction make him the ultimate guide in the search for the ideal property on this stunning island.

LinkedIn: Jop Franken

Kiki Laheij

Kiki, a dynamic force at Eivissa Properties, brings hospitality expertise and a passion for creating unforgettable experiences. With a rich background in hospitality and a commitment to perfection, she organizes and executes personalized, unforgettable events.

As event and house manager, she delivers outstanding results tailored to each client’s style and preferences. Kiki also serves as the primary contact for home-related matters, ensuring peace of mind. Enthusiastic, committed, and hardworking, Kiki thrives on collaboration to achieve amazing results!

LinkedIn: Kiki Laheij

Daphne Netten

Daphne, a talented content creator who decided to venture out on her own earlier this year after choosing to settle on the beautiful island of Ibiza. With a strong background in marketing agencies, she excels in both offline and online marketing.

Daphne is truly devoted to enhancing brands, constantly considering what companies want and need. Her meticulous attention to detail ensures that nothing escapes her, as she continuously strives for perfection. She never settles for anything less than the best and refuses to accept no as an answer.

In addition to her marketing work, Daphne also has another passion her business “The Perfect Dip,” where she creates and sells delectable chocolate-dipped strawberries. She is a creative at heart, full of enthusiasm, and always endeavors to achieve excellence in all what she does.

Kelly Olman

Kelly, a passionate interior designer, translates your personality, lifestyle, and needs into attractive and welcoming interiors. She believes that your physical environment impacts your emotions and behaviors, so she creates spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also tailored to your unique lifestyle.

With a focus on the Mediterranean climate, natural influences, and appealing interiors, Kelly’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2019 with her own interior design agency. Since then, she has specialized in furnishing (holiday) homes in Spain, infusing her work with love and passion.

LinkedIn: Kelly Olman

Louise Edlund

Louise, driven by a thirst for knowledge, became a scientist and started her own successful physiotherapy business at 21. However, an existential breakdown redirected her towards her true calling. Guided by spirit, she had transformative experiences and embarked on a five-year journey across the globe, exploring ancient wisdom and healing practices.

In 2022, she was initiated into an ancient mystery school by a Celtic druid. Today, Louise serves as a celestial advisor to esteemed individuals in Hollywood, pop culture, music, and business, helping them create positive change on a global scale. Her journey is a testament to rediscovering one’s authentic self and embracing celestial gifts.