Ibiza Property Fund

The Ibiza Property Fund is an exclusive and reliable real estate investment fund focused on the renovation of real estate properties on the island of Ibiza. The fund attracts investors who believe in the quality and potential of this attractive market. The Ibiza Property Fund offers a high-quality investment opportunity with proven returns and investment security for its participants.

We are proud to offer a solid investment opportunity in the real estate sector of Ibiza. Our team of experts has been dedicated to renovating properties with tailored renovations that add value to existing buildings in prime locations on the island. Our careful selection of properties and focus on quality renovations.

At Ibiza Property Fund, we are committed to delivering long-term value to our investors. We carefully manage our investments to ensure that our properties achieve their full potential, creating value for both our investors and the local community.

Our investors share in the value jump that is realized when purchasing a ‘disintegrated building’ after the renovation. The originators of the fund do not keep this profit for themselves, but share it with the investors. As an investor you normally do not have access to this lucrative market. Of course we have that. As soon as we have found a risk-free object, we buy it, renovate it and add it to the fund. In short, we share the added value achieved. This way everyone makes a nice extra return. That is also unique in way of working. We co-invest our share of the added value in the fund. You then also share in the profit per year!

Our mission at the Ibiza Property Fund is to provide investors with an excellent and reliable real estate investment focused on renovation projects on the popular island of Ibiza. We purchase and renovate first-class properties in order to increase the value of the property and thereby generate attractive returns for our investors. We strive to provide our investors with quality investments and professional and accessible customer service.

Over the years, we have achieved a track record of delivering attractive returns to our current investors, who have enjoyed the benefits of investing with us in the Ibiza Property Fund. We take pride in our success and are focused on strengthening our commitment to providing our investors with exceptional service and investment opportunities. We believe the Ibiza Property Fund offers an excellent investment opportunity in one of the world’s most exclusive and sought-after locations.

As an investor, do you want to benefit from attractive returns in the real estate sector in Ibiza? Then an investment in our real estate renovation fund is the ideal opportunity to do just that. We focus on sought-after real estate properties in Ibiza with a high renovation potential. With our proven strategy and focused management, the properties are efficiently renovated and are able to substantially increase the value.

Our real estate investment fund focuses on attractive investment opportunities in the real estate sector and is available to investors with a minimum investment of 100,000 euros. With a well-thought-out investment strategy and knowledge of the market, this fund offers returns and security to our investors.

We work with reliable and quality partners during the renovation process. Working with carefully selected real estate agents, architects, contractors and developers can improve the efficiency and quality of the renovation process.

Lastly, we ensure risk management through adequate financing and planning of renovations and proper planning of sales and rentals so that risks are minimized.